Officers & Committee Chairs

Officers (2018-19)

Carole Weinberger, President
Patti Henderson, Vice President
Kaye Kirk, Secretary
Bonnie Keyes, Treasurer
Barbara Donahue, AKC Delegate

Board of Directors

Class of 2019                            
Gale Schnetzer
Rob Hartshorn
Donna Hills
Marie Murphy

Class of 2020                           
Vicki Kubic
Sonny Lelle
Patricia O’Brien
Beth Santure

Class of 2021                           
Shirley Fry
Shawne Imler
Cathi Rohrer
Stella Van Cleave

Class of 2022                            
Sharon Edwards
Carma Ewer
Patti Legerwood
Mary Paisley

2018/2019 Committees

John Constantine, Judges Education
Patti Henderson, Health
Kelly Radcliffe, Rescue
Vicki Kubic, Legislative Liaison
Jackie Ebersbach, Membership

AMSCestry – Owen Clouss

AMSCope – Carla Borrelli

AMSC-L Group – Vicki Kubic

Awards – Sue Ratz

Versatility Awards – Lynn Baitinger

Breeder Referral – Deborah Huff

Catalog Adv. Montco – Amy Gordon

Companion & Performance Events –

Constitution & By-Laws – Chris Levy, John Constantine

Montgomery County Hospitality – Barbara Donahue, Luana Nedich

Judges Education/Overall Education – John Constantine

Ethics- Margo Klinger, Marcia Feld, Patti Henderson, Marie Murphy

Guidelines – Luana Nedich

Health – Patricia O’Brien, Patti Henderson, Kurt Garmaker, Dr. Paula Steele, Dr. Lisa Sarvas, Donna Hills, Jan Taylor

Historian & Public Records –

Judges Selection – Bonnie, Keyes

Legislative Liaison  –  Vicki Kubic & Kelly Radcliff

Membership/Insignia – Jackie Ebersbach

Publications & Literature – Patricia O’Brien

Regional Club Newsletter & Website – Ronnie Smith

Rescue – Kelly Radcliffe, Jana King

Trophies – Barbara Donahue, Amy Gordon

Way & Means – Carol Henning, Jackie Harris

Website/Social Media – Vicki Kubic, Jackie Harris, Helen Carter

Specialty Coordinators

2019 Montgomery County – Lloyd Amodei